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Technique that permits the thermal condition monitoring of all equipment or processes. We do two types of condition monitoring; mechanical and electrical.

Electrical Area:

• Transmission and Distribution Lines

• Generating Stations 

• Buses 

• Switches  

• Relays 

• Electric Connectors

• Power Converters

• Electric Substations

• Motor Control Centers

• Transformers

• Electrical Fittings

Analysis of Thermography WEBSITE 1.jpg
Analysis of Thermography WEBSITE 2.JPG

Mechanical Area:

• Internal Combustion Engines 

• Generators  

• Gear Boxes 

• Couplings 

• Heat Interchanges  

• Steam Traps and Lines 

• Gas Turbines

• Electric Motors

• Bearings

• Conveyor Bands

• Valves

• Furnaces

Analysis of Thermography WEBSITE 4.png
Thermography Analysis.jpg
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