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BMPI of Texas is a leader in North America providing:

We combine technology, experience and methodologies in condition monitoring, predictive analysis and mechanical integrity evaluations to assist our clients in discovering and applying solutions to improve operational functionality and maximizing the performance of their assets.


BMPI is an industry leader, having the technical expertise, trained and certified professionals and the experience necessary to identify and predict the many different types of potential failures in both dynamic equipment and static equipment, contributing to the increase in asset life.


Maintain the operation of our clients' production processes without unscheduled interruptions, through the timely detection of failures through the continuous monitoring of their equipment, with comprehensive predictive maintenance analysis services that adequately characterize the operational condition of the same, with the purpose of detecting and evaluating any variation in its operation at the lowest possible cost.


Forge as a leader in predictive maintenance, recognized nationally and internationally for its leadership in the quality of its services, the high capacity of its staff and the use of cutting edge technology.

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